Reducing Time to Treatment for Hospital-Acquired Infections with an Automated Diagnostic Platform

Ximedica designed a visually stunning automated system for Accelerate Diagnostics that integrates several disparate, technical elements into a single, simple consumable, dramatically improving efficiency and in-lab workflow.


Hospital-acquired infections pose unique challenges for patients and healthcare practitioners. Waiting multiple days for a diagnosis can put patient lives at risk, and when it comes to serious infections, every second counts. Quickly identifying these diseases is crucial to making accurate treatment decisions and keeping patients on track for recovery.


Accelerate approached Ximedica in need of an instrument enclosure that would fit into the tight space of a diagnostics lab. The client also needed a consumable that could hold a disparate array of individual components while minimizing the amount of hands-on time required by the lab personnel. Taking requirements directly from their microbiology laboratory market, Accelerate sought an inspiring industrial design that reinforced their overall brand values, manifested simplicity, and was “approachable” in terms of user experience.

Why Ximedica?

Accelerate relied on Ximedica’s expertise in::

  • User Research
  • Human-Centric Design
  • Industrial Design
  • UI/UX
  • Mechanical Engineering