Minimizing Patient Recovery Times and Costs with a Mobile, Precise Robotic Surgical System

Ximedica developed a mobile, single-port robotic surgical system from a napkin-sketch to a functional prototype.


Robotic laparoscopic surgery allows surgeons to precisely operate on their patients through small incisions, reducing scarring, accelerating patient recovery times, and decreasing overall risk. However, typical surgical robotic systems are large and inflexible. As such, they cannot be moved between operating rooms, and often require repositions or multiple incisions to operate effectively – making these procedures less accessible.


Titan Medical Inc. is a Canadian public company, headquartered in Toronto, Ontario focused on the design, development, and commercialization of new robotic surgical technologies. Titan Medical aspires to tackle the current clinical, operational, and financial limitations of the robotic platforms in the robotic surgery market. Current robotic technology is cost prohibitive for secondary and tertiary hospitals, as well as for ambulatory surgery centers, and is confined to a limited number of surgical procedures, such as hysterectomies and prostatectomies. Titan quickly turned to Ximedica to reduce technical risk and develop a precise and usable device.

Why Ximedica?

Titan Medical elicited Ximedica’s expertise in:

  • Concept Generation
  • Human-Centric Design
  • Pre-Production Prototype Development
  • Mechanical Engineering