Helping Children Adhere to Treatment Plans by Combining Smart Digital Design with Existing Pediatric Inhalers

Ximedica helped drug delivery startup Gecko Health Innovations develop their proof-of-concept into a fully realized, digitally-enabled clinical device.


Affecting one in every ten kids, pediatric asthma is the most prevalent chronic disease among infants and children. Common symptoms like rapid or labored breathing often result in activity restrictions, putting undue stress on both the child and the parents. Promoting daily medication adherence can help to improve the efficacy of pediatric asthma and reduce treatment costs, but developing a regimented habit in children who are not under constant watch by the caregiver comes with challenges.


Ximedica was approached by Gecko Health Innovations, a startup company from Cambridge, MA, to help transform their idea into a clinical device. Gecko created a proof of principle for their CareTRx device, a cloud-based “smart” inhaler attachment that helps pediatric asthma and COPD patients adhere to their treatment plans. Gecko’s concept could be affixed to the top of most metered dose inhalers and digitally connect to the patient’s or caregiver’s smartphone. The device then tracks how often the patient uses their inhaler and provides feedback on their medication management, as well as reminders for scheduled doses.

Why Ximedica?

Gecko Health Innovations sought Ximedica’s expertise in:

  • Connected Health
  • Human-Centric Design
  • Consumer-Grade Packaging Design and Development
  • Innovation on a Startup Budget
  • Cost Reduction
  • Shelf-life Testing
  • Material Science