Bringing Rapid Diagnostic Testing Patients in Point-of-Care

Ximedica helped a hematology startup transform a central lab test into a CLIA-waived, rapid point of care diagnostic platform.


Complete Blood Count (CBC) tests allow for the evaluation of a patients’ overall health and are used in several therapeutic areas, including medication management, blood disorders, infectious disease, and oncology. Most CBC platforms or manual tests require cumbersome machinery and thus are limited to only large, central laboratories causing delays, decreasing patient access, and increasing overall costs.


Ativa Medical, a startup company with a revolutionary concept for CBC testing, aspired to create a point of care (PoC) instrument that supports rapid results in a CLIA waived environment. The company had a general product concept but wanted to partner with Ximedica to truly transform these preliminary ideas into functional prototype units, and ultimately clinical systems.

Why Ximedica?

Ativa sourced Ximedica’s expertise in:

  • System Architecture
  • Cartridge Integration Development
  • Reagent Pack Design and Development
  • Reagent Storage and Dispense
  • Precision Fluid Handling
  • Optics Development
  • Software and Electronics Development
  • Systems Integration and Assembly