Ximedica responds to the current ventilator shortage by sponsoring the CoVent-19 challenge

May 18, 2020

PROVIDENCE, RI--Ximedica is delighted to announce the sponsorship of the CoVent-19 Challenge.  The CoVent-19 Challenge team is working with private and public sector partners to to expedite U.S. government approvals of a ventilator design to address the ventilator shortage amidst the COVID-19 crisis. The team has made available experts in regulatory assurance and safety testing to ensure all products meet U.S. and international standards. 

The scale and magnitude of the fast-moving virus has highlighted the inability to meet demand of key supplies in a pandemic by the current U.S. healthcare system and others around the world. A dozen Boston area anesthesiology residents have launched an eight-week hackathon to design a rapidly deployable, minimum viable mechanical ventilator for patients with COVID-19-related complications in need of a ventilator. Ximedica also saw the need to accelerate innovation in the ventilator space and offered resources and support to the anesthesiologist residents to help define and design a rapidly deployable minimum viable ventilator. Ximedica’s cross-functional medical device development team helped define the requirements for the minimum viable ventilator and is mentoring teams throughout the challenge in order to bring solutions to the market and save patients’ lives as soon as possible.

”As with many other organizations, we felt the need to join in the efforts to make a tangible impact now,” says Michael Pereira, President & COO. “Our team of medical device experts are dedicated to making a difference and we are proud to help.”

The CoVent-19 Challenge provides millions of engineers and designers an opportunity to help with the ventilator crisis. The challenge began April 1st and judges will evaluate the designs based on safety, reliability, speed to market, and manufacturability. Finalist teams will work with medical and technical experts through a four-week invitation-only round to develop and test functional prototypes. 

Ximedica is a leading product development company offering end-to-end solutions with deep expertise across a wide range of disciplines with over 30 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients in healthcare with the ability to launch products faster with higher market adoption. We use a human-centered, integrated process to create medical products that are thoughtfully designed, approved, manufactured and ultimately delivered to market. Ximedica is headquartered in Providence with additional locations in Minnesota, Hong Kong, Philadelphia and San Francisco

Also published to PR Newswire: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/ximedica-responds-to-the-current-ventilator-shortage-by-sponsoring-the-covent-19-challenge-301042304.html