Ximedica Featured in ONdrugDELIVERY Magazine

Ximedica was recently featured in ONdrugDELIVERY’s August 2018 issue, “Industrialising Drug Delivery.” In the article, Ximedica’s Director of Systems Engineering, Beth Blackburn, details the pitfalls and potential solutions in setting down requirements early in device development to ensure a product’s successful commercialization.

“With so many difficult tasks to complete, companies often skimp on developing solid requirements for their drug delivery devices,” says Blackburn. “Requirements must be developed by compliance with standards, such as safety standards, US FDA guidance documents and more. These tasks are often referred to as the voice of the customer (VoC), user needs and usability.”

To read the full article, please visit https://www.ondrugdelivery.com/publications/89/Ximedica.pdf.
Ximedica Featured in ONdrugDELIVERY Magazine

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