View from Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

February 27, 2013

On February 21st, Ximedica participated in its fourth annual Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day (see last year’s event here). The day is sponspored by the National Engineers Week Foundation, and encourages organizations to promote female participation in engineering and the sciences. We have compiled some photos from Thursday’s event below. Female employees (and some of their male counterparts) gave local high school students a peek into the world of mechanical, software, electrical, and design assurance engineering, as well as industrial design and process management.

Shaunna Turner, Lead Strategist-Intelligent Care Design, gives girls a chance to streamline and improve complex processes.

Mark Guarraia, Senior Human Factors Industrial Designer and Team Lead, shows students how to use a Cintiq digital drawing tablet.

Handling 3D prototypes created by our in-house rapid prototyping machine.

Students are welcomed with lunch and introductions in our Think Tank brainstorm space.

Kelly Ashfield (left) and Nikki Genco (right), Senior DA and DA Engineers, demostrate design assurance testing using an Instron machine.

It’s safe to say that this year’s Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day was a great success! We want to thank Bay View Academy and Lincoln School for participating, and we hope that some of the girls have been inspired to pursue science or tech-related careers.

To learn more about the National Engineers Week Foundation and IAGTE Day, click here.