Tech Review: Robotics

October 5, 2015

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The healthcare industry is being impacted immensely by developments in the world of robotics that offer solutions for problems ranging from patient healing to physical obstacles in the natural world. At September’s Xi Tech Forum, we discussed several robotic technologies that go far beyond traditional prosthesis. For example: the ambulance of the future may look more like a jetpack. Some of these technologies are bound to not only improve lives, but save them.

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Robotic Exoskeleton by UCLA

Development Phase: Initial human trials

Using a non-invasive spinal stimulation system, exoskeleton enables a paraplegic man to voluntarily walk. The nerve stimulator triggers nerve signals to create leg movements. The device captures and records data to ascertain how much the user is voluntarily moving their limbs compared to the help being provided by the device to assess rehabilitation progress.

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Shape Memory Alloy Prosthesis by Saarland University

Development Phase: Academic lab

Nitinol is a nickel titanium alloy that has shape memory capabilities. By running an electrical current through the metal, the wires can heat up and flex between two configurations, acting like muscles to tug & pull individual fingers to open & close.

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Martin Jetback by Martin Aircraft Company

Development Phase: In testing in New Zealand & Australia

The Jetback is a single-responder transportation vehicle designed to reach locations where going on foot is too dangerous, or to give a bird’s eye view of an accident. The pilot operates controls with joysticks but it can also be controlled remotely.

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