Tech Review: Diagnostic Devices

May 21, 2015

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Disposable EEG Face Mask by University of Eastern Finland

Mask consists of flexible polyester film that has silver ink applied through screen printing. Sixteen hydrogel coated electrodes have direct contact with the face. The mask is MRI and CT compatible and easily applied to the skin, enabling faster EEG to chart brain activity.

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Swaive by Swaive Corporation

Smart ear thermometer communicates with Apple HealthKit. Device tracks temperature progression and allows multiple users to be added to account.

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Wink by Kindara

Bluetooth connected oral thermometer that syncs with app that tracks menstrual cycle.

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CheckMe Tricorder by Viatom Technology

Device includes one lead ECG, blood oxygenation, body temperature and pedometer. It can measure blood pressure without a cuff, read body temperature. Device is controlled with a touchscreen and has a voice memo feature for recording user’s notes. It connects to app that allows readings to be forwarded to caregivers.

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StatStrip Glucose Hospital Meter System by Nova Biomedical

First FDA cleared device for clinical grade blood sugar metering and management. Device measures hematocrit (volume percentage of red blood cells that affect glucose readings) and auto adjusts for this as well as electrochemical interference a more accurate reading.

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Freedom4 by University of Otago (New Zealand)

A portable, handheld DNA sequencer that can perform clinical diagnosis of viral infectious diseases. Device has a 6 hour battery life and uses a DNA sequencing technique called quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR).

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Flow Health Hub by Cambridge Consultants

Home lab test that can test for glucose, cholesterol, hydration. Device has a main unit and disposable cartridges.

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Liquid Bandage Oxygenation Sensor by Harvard University

Bandage made of phosphorescent molecules covered by paint-on transparent material, enables clinician to see wound and have indication of oxygen saturation below the bandage. When light is shone onto bandage, phosphor molecules are activated and continue glowing after light is turned off. The less oxygen present, the longer they glow, with timing measured by smartphone sensor. Plans to increase features to other parameters include pH, bacterial load, specific disease markers and on-demand drug release.

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Attachment device that enables smartphone to be integrated with endoscope so that clinician can capture and transmit high quality endoscopic photos and video.

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ClearGuide ONE by Clear Guide Medical

Needle guidance system that works with any ultrasound, by snapping onto the probe and using a camera to watch the orientation of the needle above the skin and interpolating the tip to display a precision needle location on the ultrasound screen. Magnetic or mechanical tracking, markers or pre-procedure calibration is no longer necessary.

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Verify Evaluation System by Medtronic

Device electrically stimulates sacral nerves that contract muscles within the pelvic floor to reduce urinary incontinence. Lead is placed minimally invasively and connects to an external neurostimulator that is worn under clothing. Therapy can be adjusted and is used to evaluate level of stimulation needed. Product is used as a temporary device to gauge efficacy, prior to the decision to implant InterStim device.

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