Survey Reveals Potential Success for At-Home Medical Devices

December 1, 2010

A GfK Roper survey conducted for Practice Fusion showed that three in five chronic disease patients in the U.S. believe the use of medical devices designed for home use would improve their conditions. In addition, 62% of the respondents believe communicating with their physicians via the use of home-based technologies would improve their health.

Ximedica’s Zeo® Sleep Manager™ is an at-home sleep monitor device.

Our consumer health products division has designed and developed medical devices meant to be used at home, including diagnostics products and chronic disease management devices. These kinds of products can save the healthcare system money in the long run by giving patients more independence and using technology to eliminate physical visits.

The ideal next step would be for doctor and hospital software systems to be integrated with the home device technologies, enabling doctors to keep up-to-the-minute information on each patient 24 hours a day.