Press Release: Ximedica Acquires Bridge Design

August 18, 2015

Aug 18, 2015

PROVIDENCE, RI & SAN FRANCISCO, CA (August 18, 2015) – XIMEDICA, a leading, full service, medical technologies development firm announced today that it has acquired Bridge Design. Bridge Design, based in San Francisco, CA, provides Ximedica with a West Coast hub and an expanded front-end offering of leading-edge design services for physical and digital products, including mHealth.

The acquisition sets the stage for the East-Coast MedTech innovator to enter the country’s foremost high-tech capital, creating a bi-coastal, one-stop-shop union that marries best in class expertise with that of its new subsidiary.

“This partnership has been formed to broaden the strength, reach and scale of Ximedica’s comprehensive development offering,” says Randall S. Barko, Ximedica’s Chief Executive Officer and President. “Ximedica brings the regulated systems, procedures and expertise to complement Bridge Design’s two-plus decades of award-winning design in MedTech. By combining these strengths, we bring high value to our clients, offering a cost-effective development approach and a depth of expertise aligned with industry trends for digitally connected solutions.”

Says Aidan Petrie, Chief Innovation Officer and Co-Founder of Ximedica, “This is about two organizations who share the same innovative DNA locking arms and setting a new bar for the design and development of medical technologies.”

Bridge Design, a Ximedica company will continue operating out of its current office in San Francisco, drawing on the back-end capabilities of Ximedica to expand offerings with existing clients while servicing new relationships with key clients on the West Coast.

“By joining forces with Ximedica,” says Bill Evans, President & Founder of Bridge Design, “we will be able to respond to an increasing demand from our client base for a more comprehensive offering. We believe this will resonate deeply as major growth areas like mHealth build strength. In addition, we are looking forward to scaling our team and talent and fueling a common hunger to solve substantive design problems with elegant and engaging solutions.”

Ximedica’s Westward move ties into an ongoing expansion strategy started in the Fall of 2014 when SV Life Sciences, a Boston-based private equity firm, purchased a majority stake in the firm.

Says Barko, “Ten months ago we partnered with SV Life Sciences and embarked on the next phase of our global growth strategy. The acquisition of Bridge Design moves us further down that path. Bringing together top design and integrated engineering is nothing short of a powerful synergy and we look forward to seeing the impact we can create ahead.”

About Ximedica

Ximedica is a full-service ISO 13485-certified and FDA-registered product development firm. For 30 years Ximedica has provided a unique growth platform enabling organizations to successfully deploy medical technology products into the market. Its headquarters are in Providence, R.I., with offices in Hong Kong and Minneapolis. In November of 2014, SV Life Sciences, a Boston-based private equity firm, purchased a majority stake in Ximedica.

About Bridge Design

Bridge Design, based in San Francisco, has focused for more than two decades on award-winning design of medical and life sciences products – physical and digital. Bridge’s expertise in Design Strategy, Industrial Design and User Experience, fluently merges with Engineering. Clients range from Fortune 500 to startups, including device manufacturers, pharmaceutical, life science firms, as well as companies in consumer health and wellness.