Meet Beth Werner, Sr. Research & Product Strategist, Healthcare Delivery Systems

February 15, 2012

We are pleased to welcome Beth Werner to the Ximedica Research and Strategy team.

Beth joins Ximedica with an arsenal of research tools from design validation to empathetic immersion to understand user needs. In 2011 she was named a recipient of two IDEA awards and a Medical Design Excellence Award for her work in the medical field. Prior to joining Ximedica Beth has managed research projects at both Insight and Continuum.

What brought you to Ximedica?

A dual passion really… I love understanding people, how they work. I am passionate about solving complex, interesting design problems. And…I love hospitals. Hospitals are critical, their impact is so significant and they are such a hotbed for political and economic discussion today. It’s amazing to think what one small organizational innovation can lead to within the hospital ecosystem and moreover to society at large.

The role of lead researcher for Ximedica’s Healthcare Delivery Systems is made for me. It allows me to take my technical knowledge drawn from years of experience creating B2B and medical product strategies as well as my passion for service design to truly improve the lives of medical practitioners and patients. And because of Ximedica’s commitment to contextual user research, I’ll be making my new office an actual hospital which is so much more impactful and effective than interviewing a nurse in a conference room.

At my very core I am a teacher and a coach.To be able to teach nurses, patients and other hospital stakeholders to become champions of their own issues and define a process for repeatable success is amazing! We’ll look at improving workflow and patient experience but I definitely can’t predict what other innovative opportunities we’ll find.

In her free time Beth can be found scuba diving in one of the world’s oceans, planning vegan tailgating fare or playing with her rescued Italian Greyhound.