Listen Now: “Key Steps for Start-Ups and Investors in the MedTech Space”

December 20, 2017

Join Ximedica’s EVP Corportate Development Tracy MacNeal and VP, Business Development Martha Najib for a webinar as they discuss some key steps for start-ups and investors in the medtech space.

Did you know that only 20% of new businesses survive after their first year? During this webinar, MacNeal and Najib channel their experiences in the medical device industry to guide attendees through the world of technology development for a specific market, and in doing so shared some stories that attendees most likely had not heard before.

The panelists walk attendees through real life cast studies and in doing so, show attendees the difference between a successful investment and one that ultimately fails. Attendees are able to explore ways they can develop a technology for a specific target market that will have a higher survival rate by comparing different stories of success.

To listen to the webinar on demand, please visit our YouTube Channel.