Return on Investment

Think of Ximedica as your outsourced product development provider. The results are impressive: we typically increase our clients’ return on their development dollars by decreasing the time to market by 25%

How do we do this?

Since our founding in 1985, we have invested heavily in developing a leading-edge process that vertically integrates broad expertise with core development needs making our services efficient, practical and economical.

Reduced Investment Risk for You

Our proven development process takes your product from beginning to end without the delays and costs associated with acquiring the specialized knowledge, regional expertise, and facilities necessary to develop a product in-house.

You Retain Your Intellectual Property

Trust and accountability are our two core values and we understand the importance to clients in retaining rights to their intellectual property. We respect and safeguard your intellectual property (IP) with:

  • A sophisticated security system
  • Limiting team access to dedicated workspaces
  • A Standard Operating Procedure—ensuring there is no conflict of interest when assigning teams to new projects.


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