VapothermVapothermImproving comfort and treatment effectiveness for infants and elderly respiratory patients

Ximedica acted as a turn-key development partner for an industry leader looking to completely redesign their respiratory treatment system.


Undifferentiated respiratory distress affects some of the most vulnerable populations, particularly infants and the elderly. The most common treatment for this condition is high-flow oxygen therapy. Though a relatively simple concept, this treatment can be difficult to administer and uncomfortable, hindering at-risk patients’ willingness to maintain the nasal cannula for an extended period of time. Furthermore, without regular cleaning, the device can store germs and aid the spread of infections.


Precision Flow® is a comprehensive High Flow Therapy Device that integrates heating, humidification, and gas blending in one device without causing discomfort to the nasal cannula. Used for a broad range of conditions, Vapotherm provides a non-invasive form of respiratory assistance that improves both patient comfort and compliance, allowing for a more effective alternative to costly and complex therapies. Vapotherm approached Ximedica looking to expand their current 2000i device to include broader functionality and additional safety features while improving ease of use.

Why Ximedica?

Vapotherm utilized Ximedica’s expertise in:

  • Concept Generation
  • Human-Centric Design
  • Cartridge Development
  • User Interface Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Class III Manufacturing

Download the full case study to see how Ximedica helped Vapotherm establish a new standard in high flow oxygen therapy